3 star rating for BoTree Salted Pepper Berries at Great Taste Awards 2019

We are thrilled to announce that BoTree’s Salted Pepper Berries won three stars at this year’s edition of the Great Taste Awards!

The Great Taste Awards have been called the Oscars of food for good reason.  Created by the Guild of Fine Food, esteemed Great Taste judges blind-taste thousands of high-quality food items to determine the best of the best. In 2019, there were a whopping 12,700 food and drink entries. Of those, a mere 280 received the highest rating of 3 star.

As described on the Great Taste website, a 3 star rating indicates an “Exquisite” product: “extraordinarily tasty foods – around 2% of products are awarded 3-stars each year. Don’t leave the shop without buying it!”

What the judges said:

“Plump and evenly covered with salt. Perfumed and flowery, fruity and aromatic, salty with a complex heat. An initial kick which lingers on the palate and then subsides to a softer warmth. A very versatile ingredient to use in the kitchen with sauces, or mixed with lime to drizzle on fish.”

“Fresh and fragrant, hot and lingering - developing heat and yet not singular at all in that heat. The complexity and layers of flavour range from fruity to sweet, hot to vibrant, all the time filling the palate with pure taste. Astonishing - how can one little berry deliver such intensity of flavour. Great taste excellence.”

“Glossy black plump peppercorns with a distinct, rich aroma. A release of amazing flavour which dances in the mouth with fruity, tart, citrus notes intensified by fermenting to produce a very complex tasting product which is having a true party in your mouth, great balance, depth and length producing a truly wonderful product.”

“Beautifully fruity and peppery, the peppercorns are moist and juicy and fermented in taste, with amazing flavour notes.”

BoTree Salted Pepper Berries deliver a flavour-packed crunch of pepper and salt in perfect balance to gin and tonics, salads, canapés, snack mixes, and much more. 

Since their release last year they have taken the foodie world by storm, quickly landing in the hands of Michelin chefs including Peter Sanchez-Iglesias, Michel Roux Jr.,and Tom Kerridge. 

Attracting attention from food critics and gourmands alike, the Salted Pepper Berries were chosen as Cookery Editor’s Choice in Good Housekeeping magazine and featured as Food Editor’s Pick in BBC Good Food magazine.