BoTree is the best Family-Owned Organic Seasoning Company


BoTree wins award from LuxLife Magazine:

We have been awarded “Best Family-Owned Organic Seasoning Company-UK” by LUX Life Magazine. We are beyond grateful to be awarded and recognised for something so close to our hearts. 

The best thing about having a family owned business is that we know every step of the journey from how our seasoning is produced to how it arrives on your table. 

Where is Kampot Pepper grown?

Our family farm resides in a beautiful and quaint provincial town called Kampot in Southern Cambodia. Pepper has been cultivated in this region since the 13th century and the climate of Kampot offers both mineral-rich soil and perfect growing conditions. It is the only place in the world that pepper is grown with PGI status (Protected Geographical Indication).

Who is the team behind BoTree Kampot Pepper?

BoTree was set up by Peter Schaebbicke and his brother-in-law Christopher Gowand. While Peter runs the UK side, Christopher runs the farm in Kampot, where our pepper is cultivated with love by family members, volunteers and locals. The majority of the farmers are family on the Khmer side, and they receive food, housing and higher than average wages for the sector. We have regular volunteers who come from all over the world to help out and learn about organic farming. During busy times on the farm, we employ people from the local community to assist with the pepper harvest which takes place between March and May. 

How is Kampot Pepper produced?

Our farm upholds the traditional techniques of Kampot, meaning we avoid machinery and instead, we use our hands for picking, washing and sorting. We ensure 100% of our farming is organic and only the best quality peppercorns are exported. Once the best pepper berries have been processed to remove any impurities, they are vacuum-packed to arrive deliciously fresh to Peter’s family home in Scotland. From here, orders are dispatched by our whole family (including Grandma!) to excite kitchens worldwide.

A whole community has been built around our love for seasoning with regular visitors coming to experience our pepper farm and check out our local shop in Kampot. There is something incredibly unique and special about being a family business and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Try our Kampot Pepper for yourself and taste the family love that’s been put into it.

BoTree Team