BoTree brings home stars at 2018 Great Taste Awards

BoTree, a family-run ethical seasoning producer, returned from the 2018 Great Taste Awards with stars and compliments from the judges on organic Red and White Kampot Pepper.

BoTree co-owner Peter Schaebbicke said, “We are delighted that we’re amongst the Great Taste winners of 2018 and really proud that we’ve now achieved 5 awards in our first 2 years of operation.”

Organic Red Kampot Pepper

BoTree Red Kampot Pepper Great Taste 2018

From the judges:

Beautifully variegated red berries, releasing a bright, fruity aroma on pounding. The heat is initially moderate, the fruitiness mild but pleasant.

A vibrant aroma filling the nostrils with life. Fruity and vegetal, but sweet mouth-filling flavours with the pepper heat really packing a punch. The heat envelops the mouth without being aggressive. This appears to have been harvested at the perfect ripeness.

A beautiful clean sample of even peppercorns, when crushed and ground the aroma is clearly red fruit and citrus. The flavour is front of palate to begin with; heat developing quite steadily and with a warming smoky heat. The spice flavours within the pepper develop - almost giving the impression of allspice. Fruity and long lingering layers of flavour.

Rating: 2 star

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Organic White Kampot Pepper

BoTree White Kampot Pepper Great Taste 2018

From the judges:

These have a very fragrant and charming introductory note on the front of the tongue and the stripy appearance is also very appealing. The heat does indeed settle at the back of the palate, where it provides a long-lasting glow.

Great plump generous sized peppercorns. Interesting fruity notes to the pepper heat would definitely add complexity and depth to dishes.

Rating: 1 star

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Organic Black Kampot Pepper

BoTree Black Kampot Pepper Great Taste 2018

Entered in 2017. From the judges:

A very fresh, intensely hot pepper but with levels of aromatics to match the heat. Even the heat has levels on the tongue. There are wonderful waves of both menthol and floral aromatics coming through at some length. An outstanding pepper.

Rating: 2 star

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