BoTree Seasonings a Hit with Celebrity Chefs at Hampton Court Palace

There was so much to enjoy about the Hampton Court Palace Food Festival: August sun shining on majestic palace gardens, tasting fabulous food made by passionate artisans, and of course, meeting our favourite chefs.

BoTree is the official seasoning supplier for all 2018 Historic Royal Palace and BBC Good Food Shows, so all chefs on the live stages (including Marcus Bean and Jo Pratt) use BoTree Kampot Pepper and Fleur de Sel. Needless to say, it’s been amazing to see the peppercorns and Fleur de Sel from our organic family farm being used by premier UK chefs on TV.

Getting to know our products on stage, chefs such as Tom Kerridge and Peter Sanchez-Iglesias have stopped by at events to chat about what makes BoTree seasonings so unique, and to taste our full collection. At Hampton Court Palace, we were thrilled when Melissa Hemsley paid us a visit as we are big fans of her and her new cookbook, Eat Happy. She tasted our Salted Pepper Berries and exclaimed, “Oh my god, that’s amazing!”

On the live demo stage, Michel Roux, Jr. was grinding BoTree White Kampot Pepper for gazpacho when he gave us a shout: “There is a lovely stand out there, Kampot Pepper, it’s the one we’re using on the stage. It’s absolutely gorgeous, it really is.”

We are thrilled to be on the radar – and plates – of our favourite chefs and look forward to more people adding BoTree Kampot Pepper and Fleur de Sel to their kitchens to maximise flavours in every dish.

View our full seasoning collection in the Pepper Shop.