Drumroll please…three exquisite new products are now available!

We are proud to introduce three exceptional new BoTree products: Herb de Kampot, Salted Pepper Berries, and White Pipali Pearls (from Long pepper). All three stem from our roots growing award-winning Kampot Pepper, and are revolutionising the art of seasoning with their distinct flavour profiles. You can find them alongside our classic products in the Pepper Shop.

BoTree Herb de KampotYou’ve heard of Herbs de Provence, well now it’s time to meet Herb de Kampot. An exquisite blend of herbs, spices, Kampot pepper and Fleur de Sel, this blend is the ultimate seasoning companion.

Herbs de Kampot are a mix of Kampot black, red and white pepper with Kampot Fleur de Sel combined with a top secret blend of aromatic herbs and spices. Herb de Kampot is an exclusive collaboration of herb-blending wizardry.  

What are the ingredients? Well it’s all a bit a secret, but what can be revealed is that it’s 35% Kampot Pepper, herbs and dried spices and 65% Kampot Fleur de Sel.

When you are using salt and pepper, just use this instead.  The blend is particularly good on the grill with fish, meat or vegetables. Fantastic on baked pasta dishes. It is gluten and nut free.

BoTree Salted Pepper BerriesThe talk of the town, these salted pepper berries are going down a storm. Already in the hands of some of our favourite Michelin Star chefs, including Peter Sanchez-Iglesias, Michel Roux Jr and Tom Kerridge to name but a few. Fresh green Kampot pepper berries are perfectly preserved in BoTree’s Fleur de Sel to give you a seasoning sensation like never before. Pop one in your mouth for an explosion of salt and pepper in perfect balance. 

Add to savoury sauces of any kind.  Drop a few in a Gin and Tonic to enrich the botanicals. Add the wow factor to soups and salads. The possibilities are endless and the result always a great success. Hide them in canapés to give our friends a delightful surprise! Totally moreish on their own.

BoTree White Pipali Pearls: Our White Pipali Pearls are a little piece of seasoning genius. These are the tiny seeds inside long pepper, and not just any pepper: red Kampot long pepper. Carefully removed and sun dried to give you a wonderful taste of South East Asia: warm, peppery, spicy sweetness bursting with aniseed, nutmeg, and cinnamon flavours.

Rarely seen today, long pepper was once commonplace in cuisines around the world. This ancient exotic treasure could be found gracing dishes across Asia as well as in ancient Rome and Renaissance Europe. Today, pipali (or piper longum, long pepper) still lends its warm and pungent aromatic flavour to preparations in Nepal, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and of course Cambodia. 

The tiny White Pipali Pearls can be used as they are – just sprinkle these little gems, no grinding or chasing a mortar and pestle required. Add to your favourite curry blend for an elevated garam masala taste. Wonderful in Thai and Japanese soups and stews.

All three products are available now in our Pepper Shop. We can’t wait for you to taste them!