Guide to pepper pairings

BoTree's guide to rediscover the power of seasoning, understand which type of pepper is best suited to what you are cooking and learn how to talk about it with confidence.

At BoTree we are on a mission to bring salt and pepper back on the centre stage. Our seasoning renaissance starts in the pepper fields in Cambodia, and comes alive on plates across the world.

We carefully choose wines to perfectly complement our meals, so why don't we pay the same attention to seasoning, an elementary part of our cooking? Knowing which seasonings are best to elevate food flavours is as important as remembering to bring a Cabernet Sauvignon to the table when you are serving your steak.

Here is a quick guide to: 

  • rediscover the power of seasoning,

  • understand which type of pepper is best suited for what you are cooking and

  • learn how to talk about it with confidence.

BoTree Red Kampot Pepper

Red Kampot Pepper

‘fruity, bright, sweet and earthy at the same time’

A sweet, fruity, aromatic flavour combined with a wonderfully subtle heat. The unique sweetness in our late harvest Red Kampot Pepper works particularly well with foods that have (or need) added sweetness. This is a rare and beautiful pepper well-suited for special celebrations.

Perfect with:

· game, especially venison 

· pork 

· shellfish

· salad dressings

BoTree White Kampot Pepper

White Kampot Pepper

'dramatic heat with delightful fruity notes’

Zesty, nutty flavours combine with an underlying heat that just keeps going. Adds vibrancy and clarity to delicate food flavours. Try it with a piece of cheese and you'll taste the cheese for much, much longer than usual. 

Perfect with:

  • classic white sauces

  • anything to do with cheese

  • Asian cooking

  • soups

BoTree Black Kampot Pepper

Black Kampot Pepper

‘A very fresh, intensely hot pepper with wonderful waves of both menthol and floral aromatics’

Citrus aromas combine with medium heat to produce an intensely warm taste sensation. Picked green before drying to create a uniquely rich, fresh, ripe pepper profile.

Perfect with:

  • robust meat dishes,

  • slow cooking and savoury sauces

  • loves the BBQ

  • best ever peppercorn sauce

While you have to choose your pepper wisely, fortunately there is a salt that will turn any dish into a gourmet experience.

BoTree Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel

'the finest finishing salt in the world'

The fragile structure of sea salt blossom reveals a fine crunch in the mouth, a classic sweet salt experience with the taste of the sea. It dissolves quickly, therefore preventing over-salting (normal table salt takes 20 seconds). The crème de la crème of salts, it always adds the perfect finishing touch.

Sprinkle on with anything for an extra oomph but especially delicious on:

·  potatoes and chips

·  fish recipes

·  fruit and desserts

·  baking and chocolates

Now it’s time to try these pairings at home and experience incredible elevated tastes in both your favourite dishes and new recipes. Get the world’s best seasonings now by heading to our Pepper Shop. We would love to hear what you think on social media: