A delicious vegetarian Easter menu the whole family will enjoy

Easter appetisers champagne

Hosting Easter? With the growing popularity of vegan and vegetarian foods, there’s never been a better time to make a delicious meat-free meal. And since Easter takes place a bit later this year on 21 April, we have more seasonal fruits and veggies to enjoy. Of course no dish is complete without its seasoning companion, so be sure to order yours by 14 April.

As you prepare a menu, vegan chef Aine Carlin offers guidance. From her article in The Telegraph:

“The best approach if you’re hosting an Easter get together is to steer clear of replacing the starter or centrepiece roast dish. ‘Instead I go for lots of smaller options that people can share and help themselves to,’ she advises. ‘Get some great dips on the table, serve up some substantial grains, throw in dishes to create your own menu.’”

With that in mind, here are some of our favourites to hopefully inspire you.


Good Housekeeping’s garden greens and pumpernickel panzanella is a satisfying take on salads with roasted vegetables, pieces of pumpernickel bread, and zesty dressing. Add even more texture with our popular Salted Pepper Berries.

roasted peppers onions artichoke

This tangy roast pepper and walnut dip is an easy hit with pita bread, crackers or veggies. Complement the light sweetness with Red Kampot Pepper.


Warm favourites

Vegan: A dish that’s both hearty and healthy is Simon Rimmer’s vegan paella. This recipe can be used as a template and adjusted with whatever veg you have on hand. Sprinkle on Herbs de Kampot and voila, it’s done.

You can’t go wrong with macaroni and cheese, especially when it’s vegan. This simple, delicious, and dare we say healthy dish made with veggies is a crowd-pleaser. Pump up the flavour by grinding on fresh White Kampot Pepper.

vegan macaroni and cheese

Vegetarian: 5-ingredient Dauphinoise potatoes from our friends at BBC Good Food offer a classic creaminess with a garlic flair. The creamy white sauce pairs perfectly with White Kampot Pepper.

Tom Kerridge’s new potato, spring onion & Montgomery cheddar quiche is loved at his Marlow restaurant, Hand & Flowers. If you’re up for making a pastry, this is a classic choice. The potato and cream call for White Kampot Pepper.

tom kerridge veggie quiche

Sweet treats

Vegan: Jamie Oliver’s Chocolate, cherry & honeycomb parfait looks as delicious as it tastes. Dairy-free chocolate and homemade honeycomb make this a vegan-friendly dessert that everyone will love. At step 5 in the recipe, grind in Red Kampot Pepper to taste to give all the sweetness a bit of pop.

Vegetarian: Ruby Tandoh’s Lemon, buttermilk, and black pepper cake is a perfect way to end a meal. The sweetness of buttermilk, the freshness of lemon, and the right amount of spice of Black Kampot Pepper come together for a delightful mouthful.

lemons kitchen blue wall

To take your menu to the next level, be sure to order your seasonings by 14 April for guaranteed delivery by Easter. Visit the Pepper Shop now.

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