Kampot Pepper RED 1kg

Kampot Pepper RED 1kg

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Red Kampot Pepper are the fully ripe berries which are dried carefully to prevent the enzyme reaction from turning them completely black.

Description & Use: This truly is the King of Pepper. Red Kampot Peppercorns have a sweet, almost fruity note combined with an underlying heat that just keeps coming. Use sparingly as this is a rare and beautiful pepper. Add to Asian cooking, Duck, Venison, White Meat and Salads. This is the best pepper you will ever taste and is recognised as the finest pepper in the World.

Coming soon: We have one of the UK's best Charcuterie producers currently preparing the finest Salami you wil ever taste, combining Wagyu Beef and our Red Kampot Pepper. Its a slow and delicate process, dont worry we'll let you know when its ready!! 

Other Common Names: Black Pepper, White Pepper, Green Pepper, Red Pepper. Botanical Name: (Piper nigrum).Description & Use: All true pepper whether black, white, green or red come from the berries of a tropical evergreen vine. 

The natural enzymes in the outer husk (pericarp) of the peppercorns turn the ripened berries red on drying, forming the volatile oil piperine which gives our pepper its characteristic flavour.


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Red Kampot Pepper - 1kg
Direct Import from Bo Tree Farm, Kampot, Cambodia