A gift guide for every foodie on your Christmas list

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Welcome to your one-stop gift guide for every foodie on your list! There are plenty of reasons that BoTree products are the perfect Christmas gift, and BoTree has something for everyone. Find your foodies on the list below to see what seasonings and grinders they will most enjoy.

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Flagship seasonings

For the enthusiast:

3-Pepper Gift Set is a must-have for professional and home chefs alike. Each box will outlast any other pepper – you need to use a fraction of store-bought pepper due to its potency and unparalleled flavour. BoTree Black, Red, and White Kampot peppers are all Great Taste Award winners, and having the full set on hand ensures you’re ready to elevate any dish.

For the pepper lover:

Black Kampot Pepper is a fresh, intense pepper best suited to enhance the flavour of robust meat dishes, slow cooking and savoury sauces (you’ll never taste a better steak au poivre). BBQ’s also love Black Kampot Pepper.

For the sophisticated foodie:

Red Kampot Pepper is a rare and beautiful pepper. The unique sweetness in this late harvest pepper works particularly well with foods that have (or need) added sweetness. Red Kampot Pepper is great with game (especially venison), pork and shellfish. Adds a whole new dimension to salad dressings.

For the Asian food fanatic:

White Kampot Pepper is the go-to for magnifying existing food flavours, and is used extensively in Asian dishes. Since White Kampot Pepper is the seed of the pepper berry, there is no pepper flavour added from the fruit (unlike the Black and Red peppers), giving it a subtle profile that is pure piperine. Brilliant with classic white sauces and anything to do with cheese, and blends in to light dishes.


No Kampot Pepper is complete without Fleur de Sel, the world’s finest finishing salt that turns any dish into a gourmet experience.

Now that you are set with your seasoning foundation, we can move on to…

Quirky seasoning concoctions

None of these three require grinding, just sprinkle on and enjoy!

For the fun-loving adrenaline junkie:

Salted Pepper Berries are already in the hands of favourite Michelin Star chefs, including Michel Roux, Jr., Tom Kerridge, and Melissa Hemsley. Fresh green Kampot pepper berries are perfectly preserved in BoTree’s Fleur de Sel. Drop into G&T’s, soups, salads, or just pop them in your mouth for an explosion of salt and pepper in perfect balance.

For the busy foodie:

Herbs de Kampot is your ultimate seasoning companion. This is a complete, delectable mix of Kampot black, red and white Kampot peppers and Kampot Fleur de Sel, combined with a top-secret blend of aromatic herbs and spices. Gluten and nut-free. Use in lieu of salt and pepper.

For the experimental chef:

White Pipali Pearls are available for the first time in the UK! These tiny seeds from the rare red Kampot long pepper keep the adventurous chef experimenting. Carefully removed and sun-dried to give you a wonderful taste of South East Asia: warm, peppery, spicy sweetness bursting with aniseed, nutmeg, cinnamon, and tropical fruit flavours. Fabulous in curries, and Thai and Japanese soups and stews. Adds something extra to mulled wine and masala chai.


Hand-picked grinders

BoTree grinders make amazing gifts. Why?

1)    A common complaint is that grinders break. BoTree experts curate every grinder we sell for durability – they all have ceramic or steel mechanisms and many come with a lifetime guarantee so all you have to consider is what style you prefer.

2)    Every grinder comes filled with the world’s finest BoTree pepper and Himalayan salt so as soon as you receive it you can start cooking with seasoning perfection.

For the design conscious:

Menu Bottle grinders were designed by Norm Architects and are the perfect addition to the contemporary kitchen. The two-grinder sets come in soft, beautiful Scandinavian colours and their shape encourages playful experimentation. In addition to pepper, the ceramic mechanism can grind nuts, seeds, and more.

For the practical foodie:

Cole & Mason's Kingsley Herb and Spice Mill must have been made for BoTree seasonings! Switch between included Black, Red, and White Kampot peppers in seconds using a clean, sleek grinder.

For the traditionalist:

Peugeot Antique mills are built for performance, just like a sports car. Peugeot’s Antique collection recalls the beauty of a bygone era. Their classic wooden silhouettes, reminiscent of a chess piece, have been carefully crafted by hand to restore the charm of the past and evoke nostalgia and magic.

Smaller version here.

For the rustic artisan:

Skeppshult Swing mill is wrought cast-iron softened by a walnut lid, designed for grinding pepper and herbs. Since 1906, Skeppshult has been making homeware that is built to last in its Swedish workshop. We love this mill as we can use all of our peppers without needing to fill individual grinders.

Larger version here.

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After all your thinking about others, you deserve a treat. Which of these gifts of seasoning perfection best suits you?

If you have any questions, please get in touch! Just send an email to info@botreefarm.co.uk, or find us on Instagram or Facebook.

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