Architect-designed, modern Menu grinders now available

Foodies that love contemporary design, rejoice! BoTree has added a new range of Menu Bottle Grinders beautifully crafted for the modern kitchen. Designed by Norm Architects, these sleek bottle-shaped grinders encourage playful experimentation.

The powerful ceramic mechanism makes the grinder easy to operate and ideal for trying out more than just salt and pepper, including spices and grains, nuts, seeds or dried fruits. Menu Bottle Grinders have a rounded base that fits perfectly into the hands and a rubber surface that’s easy to grip and to clean.

The Menu Bottle Grinders come in a range of beautiful, soft Scandinavian colors (two grinders are included in every set):

Classic Blue w/ beech lid

Menu Bottle Grinder Classic Blue
Menu Bottle Grinder Ash and Carbon
Menu Bottle Grinder Brushed Steel

The clean aesthetic extends to the design as well – the unique, inverted design ensures that whatever you fill them with only sprinkles out when you grind, leaving no trace on the table or in the kitchen.

Their bottle-like shape. is important to the whole experience. Designer Kasper Rønn says, “From a shape like this, you’d expect the content to be something liquid like oil or dressing, you’re not at all expecting dried up spices or nuts. We used this shape to surprise and somewhat trick the users. Sometimes people need a bit of a surprise in order to change their habits”.

Why buy a grinder from BoTree? Every grinder we sell arrives to you full of BoTree Kampot Pepper, so you can start grinding right away with the world's finest pepper. Of course, the Menu Bottle Grinders also make excellent Christmas gifts. Shop Grinders now.