How to use Kampot Pepper and salt for your Halloween recipes

With autumn in full swing, we’re busy in the kitchen discovering new food pairings for our recently released seasoning concoctions. We’re working on a menu for Christmas dishes but had to share two delicious recipes perfect for Halloween.

Pumpkin soup (White Kampot Pepper)

BoTree’s organic White Kampot Pepper adds piperine intensity to open up the flavours of the pumpkin, onion, and garlic without adding anything else – leaving pure enjoyment of a classic belly-warming soup.  As Great Taste judges put it: “The heat does indeed settle at the back of the palate, where it provides a long-lasting glow.”


We like our friend Barney Dezmasery’s recipe with a couple additions. Crème fraiche is a fabulous replacement for double crème. Grating in fresh ginger before boiling everything down brightens up the flavours. And for the all-important seasoning, add White Kampot Pepper while sautéing, and then a bit more along with Fleur de Sel to taste before serving.

pumpkin soup halloween

Bloody Mary (Salted Pepper Berries)

BoTree Salted Pepper Berries offer an exciting burst of salt and pepper in perfect balance. Working particularly well in cocktails, its ultimate pairing is with the Bloody Mary. For even more peppery flavour, grind a sprinkle of Black Kampot Pepper on top.


· Start with really good tomato juice and vodka

· Stir in Worcestershire sauce and tabasco for a bit of heat

· Squeeze a wedge of lime and drop it in

· Add a little dry sherry on top

· Add a celery stick and 4-5 salted pepper berries – take a crunch of the berries and you’ll really taste your Bloody Mary

bloody mary recipe halloween

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