Enter to win a complete Kampot Salt and Pepper seasoning gift set

New seasoning kit

Kampot pepper is the only Protected Geographic Indication-rated pepper in the world. It’s the secret ingredient of Michelin star chefs, and can now be yours, too. We are giving away two “full monty” gift sets featuring black, red, and white Kampot Pepper, as well as Fleur de Sel. Also included is a Skeppshult pepper mill and spice pot, both made of cast iron and walnut. Each set is valued at £100.

We partnered with Veggie Magazine because we know that you, our customers, are passionate about high-quality, ethical products that enhance your ability to cook and eat well. We are witnessing an ever-increasing consumer demand for vegetarian, vegan, and ethically-produced food that emphasizes sustainability.

Subscribing to a wide variety of diets and lifestyles, BoTree customers are connected by their enjoyment of the world’s best seasonings, which are 100% organic and produced on our sustainable family farm. 10% of profits are donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

We love helping people discover how Kampot Pepper and Fleur de Sel can transform their kitchen. Enter now to win a Kampot Salt and Pepper seasoning kit!

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