Telegraph features BoTree Kampot Pepper as a must-have for Christmas hampers

The Telegraph says you should add our Kampot pepper gift set to your Christmas hamper. We say Kampot Pepper is a unique and special gift for food-lovers all year long, and especially the festive holiday season!

Kampot Pepper is the only pepper in the world to receive Protected Geographical Indication status, and is loved by chefs and gourmands across the globe.

The Telegraph recommends our 3 Pepper Gift Set, which includes red, black, and white Kampot Pepper. Here is what they said:

"One for the foodies. This set contains three varieties of the finest Cambodian pepper - grown by an ethical, family-run business based in Kampot, Cambodia. With black, red and white varieties, you can take meals to the next level with these award-winning peppers."

We feel honored to be in such delicious company; you can read the full article here.

Want to taste what all the fuss is about? Experience how Kampot Pepper can transform your kitchen.  

Telegraph christmas hamper article