Why Kampot pepper is the perfect Christmas gift

With the holiday season upon us, our shopping lists are filling up with fine ingredients for our much-awaited Christmas feast and thoughtful gifts for loved ones and associates. BoTree’s selection of award-winning gourmet seasonings offers unique gift ideas as well as the perfect flavour addition to your holiday entrées. Even better, all of our products are 100% organic and ethically-produced, and support life-changing initiatives in Cambodia.


In a class of its own

Like champagne, Kampot pepper is PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) certified, meaning it comes straight from the world-famous pepper-growing region of Kampot in Cambodia. No other pepper has this rating.

A fan favourite

Kampot Pepper is loved by chefs and gourmets the world over: Michel Roux and Rick Stein both rave about it. BoTree Farm’s Kampot Pepper has won several accolades, including BBC Good Food Champion 2017 and three Great Taste Awards 2017.

The taste is simply the best

“It’s like regular pepper amplified by 1000%. It’s hotter, more aromatic, richer, muskier, more floral, more complex and simply more peppery than any other pepper,” says Peter Schaebbicke, founder of BoTree Farm. 

Who is it for?

  • For the foodie who has everything

  • For the earth-conscious friend who only eats organic and cares about ethical standards

  • For meat-lovers: what’s the point of an expensive steak if you ruin it with poor seasoning?

  • For YOU: it’s a perfect treat to add to your kitchen this special time of year

What makes it ethical

  • Packed with history and tradition: the Khmer Rouge destroyed the century-old pepper industry in Cambodia because it was considered a luxury crop. By buying Kampot Pepper you help Cambodia to invest again in its finest produce. Pepper is Cambodia’s only export, and its production promotes economic development.

  • Good for workers: The BoTree Farm currently employ over 20 workers, many of whom are family members on the Khmer side, who receive free lodging and food, as well as higher than average salaries for the sector.

  • Beneficial for children: No children work at the farm, as is sadly common in the area, and 10% of profits are given to the Cambodia Children’s Fund

  • Healthy for you and the earth: All products are grown sustainably and are 100% organic.

Which pepper to choose

KPD Pepper Set - 1.jpg

Black Kampot Pepper

Black Kampot Pepper is best suited to enhance the flavour of robust meat dishes, slow cooking and savoury sauces (you’ll never taste a better Steak Au Poivre). BBQ’s also love Black Kampot Pepper.

Red Kampot Pepper

The unique sweetness in our late harvest Red Kampot Pepper works particularly well with foods that have (or need) added sweetness. Red Kampot Pepper is great with Game (especially Venison), Pork and Shellfish. Adds a whole new dimension to salad dressings.

White Kampot Pepper

When you just need to magnify existing food flavours use our White Kampot Pepper. To understand our White Kampot Pepper try a small piece of the cheese without the pepper and you will get the cheese taste for 25-30 seconds, then try another piece with ground White Kampot Pepper, the taste will be dramatically enhanced and will taste for much longer.

Where to buy BoTree’s Kampot Pepper

To shop BoTree‘s products, please visit our online shop at www.botreefarm.co.uk and give the gift of flavour.


BoTree Team