BoTree Farm: growing organic, ethical, award-winning Kampot pepper

January is a time for renewal. We return to our gardens to see what needs tending. We plant new seeds. We look toward Spring.

On our Kampot pepper farm on the southern coast of Cambodia, green berries that hang on the vines will soon be ready for harvest. In mid-February the hand-picking begins, and we wait to see which berries turn red (the best of these will become our rare, beautiful Red Kampot Pepper).

BoTree farm kampot pepper berries on the vine

The farm is a flurry of motion now with regular volunteers who come to learn about traditional organic farming. Visitors arrive daily for tours, often finishing with a beer and local meal prepared by Chef Tom. And of course, everyone is welcome to use the "swimming pool".

BoTree kampot pepper ethical farm swimming cambodia

Producing the world’s most exquisite pepper requires Kampot’s mineral-rich soil and windy coastal climate, but equally important is how the farmers tend to the vines. Taking a walk around the farm, visitors are often struck by an absence of machinery. In a high-tech world, Kampot pepper farming maintains its revered traditions – picking, washing, and sorting is all done by hand using techniques passed down countless generations. At BoTree, most of the farmers are family on the Khmer side, and they receive food, housing, and higher than average wages for the sector.

Organic farmer kampot pepper botree cambodia

Our Kampot pepper has to meet stringent criteria to comply with the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association and EU’s Protected Geographical Indication standards. We must be 100% organic and only the best quality peppercorns can be exported as Kampot pepper.

Once the best pepper berries have been processed to remove any impurities, they are vacuum-packed to arrive to our family home in Perth, Scotland as fresh as the day they left our farm. There, the whole family (including grandma!) preps customer orders, and sends them off to energise kitchens in Europe, North America, Australia, and beyond.

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