Salted Pepper Berries are a Good Housekeeping magazine favourite

Since their release last year, BoTree's Salted Pepper Berries have made fans of Melissa Hemsley and Tom Kerridge, among many others. Now we're thrilled they've landed in the March issue of Good Housekeeping magazine as the Cookery Editor's Choice!

Here's what they had to say: "Salty, spicy and aromatic, once you’ve tasted BoTree Salted Pepper Berries – fresh young peppercorns cured in fleur de sel – you’ll be reaching for them time and again. The little bombs of flavour are just waiting to be stirred into a sauce for steak, garnish a G&T or even snacked on."

With countless other ways to enjoy them (with popcorn, salads, canapés, snack mixes...), Salted Pepper Berries make a fresh addition to every kitchen.

And with Mother's Day around the corner, be sure to grab extra for a delectable, long-lasting gift. Order by 24 March to for guaranteed on-time delivery. Buy your Salted Pepper Berries now.

Good Housekeeping magazine March issue BoTree Salted Pepper Berries